Invest Successfully With HABICO Inspections

Invest Successfully With HABICO Inspections

Turn to us for real estate investor inspections in Columbus, OH

Are you considering buying an investment property? Don’t get stuck pouring your money into a home with a multitude of problems. Before you purchase a property, turn to HABICO Inspections, LLC for a walk-through.

Please Note: Many investment properties do not require the same level of inspection that a traditional residential home inspection would. Our inspectors will work with you to address the areas that you'd like us to look at - whether that be the whole house or just certain areas.

We’ll work with you to identify any areas of concern and pay close attention to:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Decks
  • Roofs
  • Siding

Don’t make a bad investment. Learn everything you can about a prospective investment property by calling HABICO Inspections.

We charge an hourly rate for walk-throughs

Whether you want to buy the property to rent or to flip, you’ll get the whole story about a property if you choose us for a real estate investor inspection. Rather than bog you down with a whole report, we’ll walk you through the home and alert you to any problems we see. Give us a call for a free phone consultation, identifying your main concerns. We will discuss how long the walk-through will take and schedule a time for us to walk-through.

Call 614-641-0149 today to schedule your real estate investor inspection in Columbus, Ohio.